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Every woman knows the value of a well-organised and functional living space. But it's not just about having the perfect magazine-style looking interior; it's about creating both a comfortable haven that reflects your personality and a home that simplifies your daily life. And that's where clever home hacks come in.

We've never met a home hack we havent liked. From clever storage solutions to time-saving tricks, these tips will not only make your home more functional but make you feel a tad clever to boot! Get Hooked

Command hooks are your best friend when it comes to decluttering and organising your interior. Handy adhesive hooks come in various sizes and strengths and can be used in countless ways. Use them in your kitchen to hang measuring cups and spoons, in your bathroom to keep your hairdryer or styling tools within arm's reach, or in your bedroom to create a jewellery display. Command hooks are also perfect for hanging lightweight artwork or framed photos without damaging your walls, and they're super easy to get your hands on from your local hardware store.

Double-Duty Furniture

If you're working with limited space, invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, a sofa with built-in storage can hold extra blankets, pillows, or even your favourite books. Ottomans can double as coffee tables and additional seating, or look for beds with drawers underneath for hidden storage.

Lazy Susan in the Fridge

A simple and quirky hack to maximize space and accessibility in your refrigerator is to use a lazy Susan turntable. Place one in your fridge to easily reach items at the back without having to remove everything in front of them. This will save time and reduce food wastage because you'll be able to spot items that might otherwise get forgotten.

Magnetic Makeup Board

Tired of rummaging through your makeup bag to find that one lipstick or eyeshadow? Create a magnetic makeup board by gluing a metal sheet to the inside of your bathroom cabinet door. Attach small magnets to the back of your makeup items, and voila! You'll have a neatly organised makeup collection that's both easily accessible and visually appealing.

Shoe Organisers (for More Than Just Shoes)

Shoe organisers can do more than just store footwear. Hang one on the back of your bathroom door to hold toiletries, hair accessories and other small items, and in the garden for herbs. In the kitchen, use a shoe organiser to store cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, or even snacks. The transparent pockets make it easy to see what's inside, keeping everything at your fingertips.

Pegboard Kitchen Storage

Pegboards are not just for garages and workshops; they can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen. Install a pegboard on a kitchen wall, and use hooks to hang pots, pans, utensils, and even mugs. They look kinda 'neat', too (see what I did there?).

Cable Organisation

Tangled cables can be a major eyesore. Use colourful bread tags or plastic clips to label your cables so that you can easily identify which cord goes with which device. You can also use a cable organiser or even a hand towel paper roll holder to keep cords neatly coiled and ready for use.

Muffin Tin Drawer Organiser

Repurpose an old muffin tin as a drawer organiser. The individual compartments are perfect for filing small items like paperclips, rubber bands, jewellery, or even sewing supplies. It's a unique way to keep your drawers tidy and your small essentials easy to put your hands on.

Fold Your Clothes Vertically

This is one of the most popular hacks from the KonMari method, made famous by Marie Kondo. Instead of stacking your clothes horizontally, fold them vertically and stand them up in your drawers. This method makes it easy to see all your clothes at once, so you'll never have to rummage through piles of clothing to find what you want.

Rubber Bands on Hangers

Tank tops or silky blouses can be slippery little suckers, easily slipping off your hangers and ending up on the closet floor. You can prevent this annoying closet drama by wrapping rubber bands around the ends of your hangers so the added grip can keep your clothes securely in place above floor level.

Hanging Baskets Everywhere

Make the most of your space in every room by hanging baskets from the shower, cupboard or wall. Basket give you a spot to store everything from shampoo, soap, and other shower essentials without cluttering the limited shelf or floor space in the bathroom, or in the kitchen for tea-towel.

Adopt The One-In, One-Out Rule

To prevent your home from becoming overrun with unnecessary items, implement the one-in, one-out rule. Every time you bring a new item into your home, whether it's clothing, decore, or kitchen gadgets, donate or get rid of something you no longer need. This keeps clutter at bay and ensures that your living space remains manageable and organised.

Spice Rack for Nail Polish

If you have an extensive nail polish collection, you can repurpose a spice rack to store and display your nail colors. Mount it on the wall or place it on a shelf for easy access and a visually pleasing way to showcase your polish collection.

Tension Rods Under the Sink

Under the sink can quickly become a jumble of cleaning supplies and other unattractive household items. Use tension rods to create dividers and keep bottles and sprays neatly organised. This simple solution maximizes your under-sink storage space and prevents items from getting lost in the depths of the cabinet.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Magnetic knife strips aren't just for knives. Attach one inside a cabinet door, and use it to hold metal spice containers, small kitchen tools, or even your collection of bobby pins.


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