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Cut the sweet potato in half, make some holes using a fork so it cooks more evenly.

Brush it with olive oil, season with salt and roast it in the oven at 200C for about 30 min or until soft and bit caramelised. Wash and take the kale off the stems.

Finely chop then mix in a bowl with olive oil, salt, half of the honey and the rice vinegar. Mix well and set aside.

Rinse the chickpeas then drain well (important!) and transfer to a baking tray.

Mix with olive oil, salt and the smoked paprika. Roast in the oven for about 20-30 min or until crispy. If you see the spices start burning but they are not crispy yet, leave them longer lowering the oven. For the sauce mix tahini, lemon juice,1tbsp olive oil, a little pepper, a pinch of salt and enough warm water to get the right consistency (a few table spoons).

Cook the eggs in boiling water to your preference. I cooked them for six minutes for still creamy yolk, but you can do 5 and half minutes if you like it more runny, or above 7 if you want it more firm. *Don’t go over 12 minutes or they will be quite bad!

Once the time is up, transfer to an ice bath, or under running cold water to cool down, or they will keep cooking. Dice the avocado, pick the parsley and assemble all the ingredients together. Enjoy.


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