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Extrasensory perception (ESP), often referred to as the 'sixth sense,' is considered a form of communication beyond the conventional five senses. It's thought to involve the reception of information or stimuli through channels that extend beyond what is typically perceived by sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Exploring the realm of extrasensory perception opens up a fascinating avenue of understanding the potential for human perception to transcend the boundaries of our everyday sensory experiences.

For Sonita Singh, one of Australia's most sought-after clairvoyants, psychic readers, medium and spiritual consultants to the stars, ESP is part of her everyday life.

Sonita is not only renowned for her exceptional abilities, but for working within the entertainment industry both as a guide, and to channel the eerie and inexplicable into books and film scripts, transcending the boundaries between this world and the beyond.

Sonita first recollection of being able to speak to those who had passed over was at the tender age of 4, whilst playing with toy cars, she inadvertently started 'talking' to a family who told her they had died in a car accident.

"They told me that they all died when the car crashed, and then, it was black," recalled Sonita. "I ran to my mum crying, but she didn’t know how to help me - so it was put down to imagination."

It was this simple encounter as a child that opened the door to another world, as her encounters with the other side continued in frequency, and not all of them were pleasant.

"When I was 6 years old, I decided to make a swing as I was not allowed outside to play. I tied one end to the door handle and the other to the window winder - I could hear someone telling me to do it - the swing would work. So, I sat in it and smashed right through the window. Luckily no major arteries were hit - so aside from a nasty scar it was never really spoken about again," said Sonita.

"On another occasion, when I was driving with my aunty, she ran a stop sign and smashed into a car. Our car was totaled. Usually, I never wore a seatbelt back then but this time, I had put it on. That night I dreamt of my dead uncle who I had never met, who had passed years before. In the dream, he was giving me a big teddy bear with a big red bow. That was my first dream encounter J had with the dead. I do believe death came for me that day, but something made me put the seatbelt on and it saved my life. The presence of my uncle confirmed this."

Yet it was another experience early in her teens that introduced her to the reality of dark forces, frightening Sonita so much she completely shut down her innate psychic abilities.

"I was 13 years old. One morning I was roused from sleep by the creaking of my door opening. My younger brother would always come and try to wake me up so I could hang out with him. So I turned half asleep and sat up only to be pushed back down on the bed and pinned down by a black entity… I tried to get up, couldn't, tried to scream - I couldn’t. Then I looked at it. Its head was next to mine, it was so strong I could not move, I was totally powerless. Then all of a sudden it let go and disappeared. My door was closed and as it turned out, my brother was upstairs."

Many years passed, and the terrifying experiences that had once haunted Sonita became distant memories. However, it wasn't until her father's passing that she was unexpectedly propelled back into the world of talking to dead people.

"After my father passed very suddenly, I was thrown into emotional chaos and was questioning everything," she shared.

"I had never seen a psychic. I was a sceptic and didn’t believe in them at all. But with Dad’s death, the logical world had no answers. I searched and read every book I could to try and connect with him - I wanted that feel of him back. But countless psychics could never reach him and it propelled me further and further into the spiritual world.

"After dabbling in some courses, I was thrown into the world of mediumship and reading. I tried to be the stereotype reader, but it didn’t work, so I did it my way, which ruffled so many feathers.

"My goal was and now has been my way of life was to co-exist between the two realms and live my human life. My down-to-earth, grounded approach has people accessing their intuition as a tool to use to navigate their lives.

"My mediumship came in and totally floored even me! I was in front of a client laid my angel cards out carefully and nothing. Zero. Radio Silence. I heard a voice say to pack the cards away and pick up your crystal - so I did and then the client's deceased grandma started talking and I could hear her clearly. From there I went on to being one of the most sought-after readers."

To this day, Sonita straddles the best of both worlds by being a Mum of three, along with juggling her ability to communicate with the other side, a gift she believes is hereditary on both sides of the family.

"My parents were very superstitious. Growing up in a Sikh household mysticism was a BIG part of our lives - we were taught young about ‘charms’ - good and bad, demonic energy and forces of evil," she said.

"My parents were very religious and practised protection against negative forces both the living and demonic kind. Both parents had encounters with ghosts, higher beings - it was always spoken about in a negative light so I did not want to see, feel, talk or know the other realm. If they came - I always associated this with death."

Navigating between everyday individuals and celebrities, collaborating on film scripts, and advising the entertainment industry on all things esoteric are all in a day's work for Sonita. However, her true passion lies in utilising her gifts to offer healing and assistance to others.

"My gifts help others daily by connecting to loved ones, navigating life issues, trauma recovery and rebuild," Sonita explains.

"My gift is always present in my everyday life. I have honed it to be a source of guidance and support for myself as I navigate my life path.

"On many occasions, mainly in the medical area, my clients often seek advice, and I am very aware of suicide prevention and awareness. Relationships and love are always a big area for me, but most of the time people have to find their path through this when they are ready to let go or embrace.

"With celebrities, they are just real people who, like many, are plagued with doubt and fear. I work with their emotions to restore confidence within themselves but also to make sure the choices they are making are right for them and align with what they know it's best, not what is expected. Assisting them to design a plan to access opportunities, switch agents, jobs to explore, networking, trustworthiness and intentions of people…. And mostly just not letting their emotions get in the way of their success or sabotage them."

Although Sonita is now well-versed in the realms of the unseen, she admits she still gets scared by the darkness, yet finds solace, comfort and protection in the light.

"Yes, there have been many occasions when I have been afraid. When dealing with a negative energy, that will never not be terrifying," she admits.

"The psychological tactics to systematically break people down are harrowing. They are relentless in their pursuit of squashing out light and filling the world with a sense of hopelessness.

"Being woken up nightly by visitors is super scary, especially as I scream the house down. I am always on high alert when it comes to ensuring the integrity of my space is filled with the light and energy of God.

"My experiences with the demonic world have bought me even closer to God and his divine energy. This bond is tight - and it has to be as I draw my strength and power from this to stand up and battle when the challenges get overwhelming."

Sonita's otherworldly gifts include -

Psychic Mediumship - Sonita can communicate with people who have passed over, along with:

Assist in the death transition process of recently deceased

Connect with the energy of living people

Removal of negative energy- demonic

Sensing demonic/ low vibrational energy

Psychic - Sonita has all the ‘Clairs’, including Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudio, along with:

See possibilities for future events

Emotional profiling to assist in assessing the current state of being

Able to see pre-destined fate points, and assisting in getting to these points by addressing emotional states, sabotaging behaviours, relationship toxicity and positivity

Crisis Psychic - Sonita assists through unexpected events and trauma including:

Energetic Healing

Clearing and Cleansing old trauma

Past life reconciliation

Karmic Balance

Inner journey work - trauma-based.

You can book a reading with Sonita on her website here and follow on Instagram at - @sonitasingh


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