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Kim Jaewoo and Camille, the dynamic duo behind Kossalii Design, embarked on their entrepreneurial journey in Melbourne's grittily artistic Ballarat. Driven by their shared passion for carving out their unique path in the business world, this dynamic duo was divinely confirmed the moment their world's collided with Camille's expertise as a printmaker seamlessly complementing Jaewoo's skill as a master leather artisan, allowing them to fuse traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary design sensibility. The result? Exquisite handcrafted leather accessories that not only embody their commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability but also showcase their creative flair.

Highlighting how differences can create magic, in drawing inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds—South Korean and French roots, to be exact - Jaewoo and Camille infuse each design with a rich blend of heritage and modern aesthetics, endowing every piece with a captivating narrative. Meticulously crafted, their products boast materials sourced from Germany, reflecting their unwavering dedication to responsible manufacturing.

Nevertheless, the path to success was not without its challenges for this talented pair. Limited knowledge of marketing and networking, coupled with personal confidence and anxiety issues, presented unforeseen hurdles. In their pursuit of guidance, Jaewoo turned to the Self-Employment Assistance Program by emerging business angels of sorts, Asuria, a pivotal move that would set them on the path to success.

Through this program, Jaewoo received tailored support in crafting a comprehensive business plan, laying a strong foundation for their venture. With the guidance of Asuria Business Mentor Leigh, Jaewoo delved into marketing strategies, honed his self-assurance, and explored partnerships with potential retail outlets.

Leigh recognised the importance of bolstering Jaewoo's confidence and created an environment where he could confidently showcase and promote his creations. Networking skills were refined, and the online presence of Kossalii Design underwent a transformation. This transformation was profound, with newfound self-belief empowering Jaewoo to embrace new challenges. Currently, he's revamping the business plan and customer base, strategically targeting the right audience. Excitingly, Kossalii Design is currently exploring the possibility of collaborating with a social media influencer as part of their renewed marketing strategy.

Kossalii Design's efforts have not gone unnoticed. They achieved recognition as finalists in the 2022 Victorian Premier's Design Awards in the Fashion Design category and earned a nomination for the prestigious Melbourne Fashion Show 2023. Furthermore, they were personally invited to showcase their products at local events in Ballarat, further underscoring their growing prominence.

The future shines brightly for Kossalii Design as they continue to capture hearts and minds with their artistic creations. Each handcrafted piece tells a unique story, blending craftsmanship with cultural fusion. With their unwavering passion, values, and commitment to ethical practices, Jaewoo and Camille have not only carved a niche for themselves in the design industry but have also become a source of inspiration for a new generation of entrepreneurs, encouraging them to fearlessly pursue their dreams.

You can check out their latest collection here and if you have a business idea or an existing small business and would like to learn more about how Business Mentors can help you turn your business dreams into a reality through the Self-Employment Assistance program, click here to learn more.


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