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Made in Australia and New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native leptospermum scoparium bush (also known as a tea tree), manuka honey is commonly used for healing burns, wounds, infection, oral care, ulcers, gut health, cold & flu, sore throat, cough, immunity building, general wellbeing, and beauty and skincare. It also happens to taste incredible!

Honey’s healing antiseptic and healing properties have been well recognised for centuries in many cultures worldwide. But manuka honey takes the everyday, average, garden-variety honey’s magical abilities to a whole new level!

A few weeks ago, I accidentally burnt my hand whilst distracted pouring boiling hot water out of the kettle and into a coffee cup. I immediately put my hand under a cold tap, and grabbed some manuka honey out of the pantry, smearing it all over the burn and wrapping it with a linen cloth.

Although it was messy, the results were not only fast over the course of just five days, but I suffered none of the expected scalding pain associated with burns whatsoever. I’m talking none. Although family and friends were aghast at the sight of the ghastly wound, I constantly reassured them that, although it looked like Freddy Kruger’s face made my hand look good, I literally didn’t feel a thing throughout the healing process.

So how is this possible?

Don’t just trust honeys sweet history in its medicinal benefits; a variety of studies and have proven the benefits of using Manuka honey to treat burns ranging from superficial to medium. When more severe burns require specialised treatment, manuka honey use acts as a primary remedial action.

Manuka honey’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory superpowers from a combination of polyphenols, hydrogen peroxide, and MGO (Methylglyoxal), creating a seal around the burn to block germs and moisture. The MGO aids the discard of old cells, encouraging new cells to grow.

The higher levels of MGO when compared to standard, pantry grade manuka honey the more naturally bio-active it is, with increased anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties for the holistic prevention and treatment of various health ailments. The higher the MGO number of the Manuka Honey, the stronger its antimicrobial bioactivity levels and the more potent the natural medicinal benefits.

Additionally, manuka honey has a very high acidity levels which provides a perfect environment in a pH level that is unfavorable to both infection and bacterial growth. Manuka is also high in natural sugars creating a protective barrier against any nasty germs that may try to enter the wound.

Manuka also draws out liquids, including pus forming moisture from the burned surface of your skin, dehydrates the existing pathogens, allowing the burn to heal much faster.

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