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It’s hard to write a limited word article encapsulating the entire benefits of black seed oil, namely because this superfood literally addresses pretty much every ailment you can think of.

No kidding.

No exaggeration.

They don’t call it a ‘cure all’ for nothing. Google whatever health issue you may have (or want to avoid) followed by ‘black seed oil’, and you’ll find evidence to support its incredible healing abilities and countless pharmacological properties.

In today’s day and age, it’s easy to dismiss natural remedies as invalid, erroneous or groundless, yet not only does history indicate the strength of black seed oil’s medicinal properties, but there are numerous scientific and medical trials and journals that lay testament to its remedial magic.

The use of black seed oil in traditional remedies dates back more 2000 years, with the herb described as ‘the Melanthion’ by Hippocrates and Discroides.

Black seeds and their oil have a long history of usage in the Indian and the Arabian civilizations as both a super food and medicine, most commonly used as treatment for a variety of health conditions pertaining to the respiratory system, digestive tract, kidney and liver functions, cardiovascular system, and immune system support, as well as for general well-being.

Also known as ‘Nigella Sativa’, ‘black seed’ or ‘black cumin’, the black seed plant belongs to the Ranunculacea family, a herb with that credits the majorities of its power to Thymoquinon, aka (TQ).

Black seed (and TQ) are shown to possess useful effects largely in support of the immune system, with documented successful treatment of patients with diseases such as inflammatory and auto-immune disorders, as well as metabolic syndrome.

Alongside TQ, blackseed oil also contains alkaloids (nigellicines and nigelledine), saponins (alpha-hederin), flavonoids, proteins, fatty acids, and many others, all of which have positive effects in the treatment of patients with different diseases.

But it doesn’t stop there. Not by a long-shot. Further noted advantages of this miracle herb include antimicrobial, anti-nociceptive and anti-epileptic properties.

Cell culture studies and animal models have also indicated several therapeutic potentials for black seed oil and TQ, such as anti-cancer, antimicrobial, analgesic, antipyretic, contraceptive and anti-fertility, anti-oxytocic, anti-tussive, anti-inflammatory.

NS or TQ anticancer activity has been demonstrated for blood, breast, colon, pancreatic, liver, lung, fibrosarcoma, prostate, and cervix cancer cell lines and in animal models of lung, kidney, skin, colon, and breast cancer.

Black seed’s antimicrobial effects include eliminating bacteria, viruses, parasites, Schistosoma, and fungi pathogen with relief and cure for patients with hypertension, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, asthma, convulsions, and natural and chemical toxicities. Additionally, it’s been noted that NS and TQ utilisation could prevent many disorders including neurobehavioral, kidney, and liver disorders.

With Queen Nefertiti’s allure transcending the ages, it’s worth noting why the beautiful and ageless royal was a huge advocate of black seed oil as not only a health, but beauty elixir.

Again, the list of black seed oils beauty benefits is long and include anti-ageing, moisturising, hair strength and growth, and can even boost sexual desire and libido.

Further health benefits for women include help with symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhoea, and poor digestion caused by eliminating overgrowths of harmful, pathogenic bacteria like H. pylori. Black seed oil, used in combination with honey, has been shown to reduce the growth of H. pylori bacteria within the digestive system, allowing the gut to heal and restore function and comfort.

Black seed oil may help relieve stomach cramps, gas, and bloating due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and therapeutic properties and help aid weight loss.

And the best thing about black seed oil is that the side effects of this herbal, all-natural medicine appear not to be serious, so it can be applied in clinical trials because of its many advantages.

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