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The double-headed amethyst facial roller is a highly acclaimed, and unmatched crystal roller in terms of beauty and aesthetics.


Amethyst clears the mind and improves concentration. The amythest roller increases lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness and improves micro-circulation for cleaner younger looking skin.


Celebrity fans of crystal rollers include Dree Hemingway, Miranda Kerr, and Behati Prinsloo amongst others.


Amethyst crystal is associated with the crown chakra and the third eye. As a result of this, it has avidly been used for concentration and meditation.


Amethyst crystal is also referred to as a crystal of protection. For this reason many people wear amulets made of amethyst. Soldiers from the middle age also used to carry amethyst trinkets in order to protect themselves from injuries.


Due to its beauty and rarity amethyst was once one of the top five precious stones in the world. It was listed along side rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds.


Amethyst Face rollers dramatically increases lymphatic drainage across the face. They are especially beneficial for sagging and puffing below the eyes and along the jaw line. The gentle massage also boosts micro-circulation increasing the natural radiance of the skin.


Benefits of Amethyst Face Roller 


  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces swelling and puffiness around eyes
  • Increases micro-circulation and detoxification
  • Closes the pores
  • Tightens the skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Particularly benefits wrinkles between eyebrows over the 3rd eye

Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra and third eye and is beneficial in improving concentration and spiritual practices. Rose Quartz is connected with the heart and is a stone of unconditional love.


The Amethyst roller is more nourishing. It is better for older and dry skin. The rose quartz roller is better on combination skin types and acne prone skin.

Amethyst is more expensive to buy than rose quartz. It is also much more prone to shattering during carving when not chemically treated . For this reason a good quality amethyst skin roller is usually much more expensive than a rose quartz roller.


Amethyst crystal is very nourishing and is better for aging wrinkle prone skin. Nephrite jade is a more detoxifying crystal so jade facial rollers are better on younger, oily and acne prone skin.


Amethyst is a much harder crystal and often shatters during carving if not chemically treated, unlike jade. This and the cost of the raw crystal mean amethyst crystal rollers are usually much more expensive than jade rollers.

The amethyst stone face roller works primarily on the 3rd eye and crown chakra. Jade is more closely associated with the heart chakra.


White Lotus have been crafting crystal rollers for over 10 years. White Lotus was founded by two Australian acupuncturists. They traveled extensively in Asia researching ancient beauty practices. On returning to Australia they started a specialist beauty clinic to showcase the best of these ancient Asian beauty practices.


Unique White Lotus amethyst roller benefits -


  1. Genuine A grade amethyst crystal that is never chemically treated
  2. Lifetime guarantee on all crystal products. Crystals are unique and should not be throw away consumables
  3. Solid Brass brackets that never break unlike cheap wire brackets
  4. Beautifully lined gift box for presentation and storage
  5. Australian based customer service, support and advice in case you ever need it.

For those who truly know and desire a complete amethyst crystal facial please also see the complete amethyst crystal facial.


This includes the amethyst massaging beauty roller, amethyst Gua Sha and real crystal face serum.


This is the finest amethyst face roller Australia, bar none. 

Double Headed Amethyst Roller - The Amethyst Face Roller