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Natural Collagen Induction Risk-Free Organic Scar Removal Anti-Aging Benefits 

  • Top Quality – Each product in this kit have won multiple awards.The contents in the kit is specially designed by micro needling specialists for successful scar removal therapy, so you know you are getting nothing but the best. Additionally tutorial videos are delivered online when you order so you can watch online at your convenience.
  • Very Safe - The White Lotus skin needling roller is made with a biocompatible polymer, which is the first of its kind, while the organic serum uses camellia sinensis oil and is Vegan society approved, so you can use the product on sensitive skin too, without worrying about allergies or rashes. It is metal-free, machine sterilized and sealed in tamper-evident packaging.
  • Boost Regeneration - The polymer roller generates more collagen so that the natural collagen of the skin is restored. It breaks down the old misaligned collagen fibers of scarred skin and creates a new and smooth layer, without compromising your safety in any way.
  • Efficient – The skin needling roller can reduce scarring up to 70%! With a surface area of 1.0mm, the 180 micro needles, remove scarring and wrinkles, which is noticeable after the very first session. You can easily use it to treat larger areas of blemishes and marks too. When combined with organic serum, it nourishes your skin so you regain your former radiance and suppleness.
  • Cost-Effective - You have to pay a lot more if you wish to avail the same treatment in salons, but we have included all essentials to conduct safe and effective skin needling procedures at home that are affordable and fast-acting.

Want to restore your formerly flawless skin sans scars? Has chicken pox left you with ugly blemishes on the face? Luckily, you don’t have to depend on salon-based treatments anymore, which not only cost a bomb, but could lead to unwanted side effects too. That is exactly why you need to look for alternative options, and skin needling is the most lucrative among those.

What to expect?

Skin needling is actually a radical medical cosmetic treatment that stimulates Collagen Induction Therapy. This procedure can be easily carried out at home, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity. This new skin care treatment is also in great demand because it shows results fast and doesn’t cause underlying damage to skin. Wrinkles, scars, uneven skin tone and stretch marks are all a result of lower levels of collagen in the skin. If the production of collagen in the body could be increased without harming the skin, these issues would automatically disappear. But the body loses its capacity to produce collagen and that is when fine lines, wrinkles, scars, etc. become prominent.

Skin needling is one way of giving nature a helping hand to rejuvenate your skin. It creates hundreds of microscopic channels and encourages collagen production. This helps in reducing the appearance of winkles and other skin imperfections. If you utilize the skin needling roller on a regular basis, it can prevent scars from appearing as well.

How is the pack beneficial?

The White Lotus Anti Aging Scar Therapy Pack can be used for both types of scars – raised and depressed. Since it can reduce scars up to a jaw-dropping 70% in the very first session, it is touted to be the best alternative method so far for acne, chicken pox, or c-section scars.

How does skin needling work?

The micro needles penetrate your skin via tiny punctures. These minute perforations made by the needles stimulate the growth of collagen, a protein, which acts as the scaffolding under the skin. The treatment ingeniously uses deliberate injury to collagen to treat scar, which improves its appearance. As mentioned, it works for depressed scars, and can be used on sunken areas caused by acne.  The procedure is also effective in smoothing wrinkles in delicate areas such as around the eyes and on upper-lip. Normal woven collagen gets deposited and the skin starts looking younger and gets rejuvenated.


A lot of products on the market are going to boast about instant or overnight results, but the truth is they often causes massive damage to skin that manifests some weeks later. At White Lotus, our goal is not just to remove scars but ensure that your skin isn’t harmed in any way. The pack provides all you need to perform scar treatment naturally and without risk to your skin. The skin needling roller is made with biocompatible polymer that doesn’t contain even an ounce of metal, so you don’t have to bother about metal allergies. The scar serum provided is vegan society approved.

Excellent results

The skin needling roller has 180 micro needles to ensure no area is left uncovered. The fine needles effectively induce natural collagen so that scars and anti-aging signs are visibly reduced. It works on all skin types.

Scar serum

This lotion contains organic green tea oil along with panax notoginseng and 4 other herbs to aid in scar repair. After micro needling is over, this serum soothes and protects the skin. It contains camellia sinensis oil too that doesn’t block pores unlike many oils, so you don’t have to worry about breakouts again. It can regenerate skin cells as well.

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Bonus Items:

  • A special skin needling roller cleaner is included so the micro needles can be sterilized between treatments to prevent bacteria growing on it. Thus the chances of infection are minimized at the same time.

Hypoallergenic Skin Needling Kit - for Scar Reduction and Scar Removal<