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Everything used to create the Stretch Mark and Cellulite serum is organic, such as green tea oil and herbs. There are no additives, parabens, or harmful substances.


Jade Crystal The roller jade is created with premium A grade quality, pure, and light coloured jade. It was thought to be the best quality for jade rollers in the ancient Chinese era.


Expert Opinion  Did you know that this Jade Roller Stretch Marks and Anti Cellulite Massager pack has been put together by White Lotus Anti Aging experts? It is specifically meant to target signs of aging like stretch marks and cellulite.Additionally tuturioal videos are delivered online when you order so you can watch online at your convenience. 


Each individual product in the pack has won an award.


Cupping  The acupressure jade roller massages slowly to increase micro circulation, while cupping massage is used to break up old and misaligned collagen fibres.


Wonderful Gift  The silk-lined box is the perfect finishing touch. It holds all products when not in use, and is ideal for gifting to loved ones.


  • White Lotus brings to you the ultimate Jade Roller Stretch Marks and Anti Cellulite Massager Pack.
  • Get rid of signs of aging and improve skin health at the same time.

Complete Set


The pack contains a jade massage roller, organic stretch mark and anti cellulite massage oil, Chinese cupping therapy, and an instructional video hosted by the author of Holistic Micro Needling, Anthony Kingston. It outlines useful information about jade roller, gua sha, cupping, etc. and how they can be used to remove cellulite and stretch marks.

Jade Crystal

The White Lotus jade roller is hand crafted in the traditional way using light coloured jade of premium quality. This tool is not new in the beauty industry as it was first used by Chinese women. Brackets are constructed with thick brass as it is said to be a powerful energy conductor.


Remove Cellulite


Use Cupping Massage for suction so that the skin can be lifted, which greatly improves circulation. This type of massage accompanies the jade roller and also breaks up, old, tight connective tissue that results in skin dimpling. The tool is made of top quality silicon.

Exceptional Serum

This serum is 100% organic – it is made of green tea oil and herbs. The former, also known as Camellia Sinensis can regenerate skin cells pretty fast, thus eradicating one of the main issues related to aging. There are no unwanted side effects as the serum is suited for all skin types and vouched for by the Vegan Society. It is hypoallergenic too.


Easy to Store


The Natural Jade Roller set comes in an eye-catching and elegant silk box – it is actually a tradition related to jade massagers. It allows you to store the items when not in use so never lose or misplace them.


Jade Roller Stretch Mark & Cellulite Kit


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