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Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest and most-influential artists of the 20th century. Even as a child he was better at drawing than many adults. People really loved his doodles. He could draw and paint just about anything, and in any style. He liked to experiment and try out new ideas, which is important if you are an artist, because the world is always changing. He was so experimental and created so many different kinds of art that historians have divided his life and the art he made into stages. The Blue Period and the Rose Period came first (when he used lots of blue and pink to make paintings). These were followed by primitivism, cubism (his most famous period), classicism, surrealism, wartime and Late Works. Without Picasso, modern art and the world would be much poorer. Through this collection, I hope to facilitate your creative process and channel his “free spirit”, to experiment and try out new ideas, and see the world in new ways.

Printed with high-quality large format printer on superb quality stock.

Frame is not included.

Suitable with IKEA frames + standard frame sizes.

Got an existing frame at home? We can customize the size for you! Give us a holler by email here.


We want to make an impact in your world and that means we only use large format printer which has the technology to create high resolution, durable and extremely fine and detailed images.

Picasso Visages Poster


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