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Soothe the senses

Our Relax Tea is the organic herbal tea blend that will do you good.

Sustainably and regionally produced, we combine chamomile, lemon balm, rose petals, peppermint and fennel to offer you the right tea to calm your senses. In addition to its pleasant mildness, the Ayurvedic tea offers you a fresh kick thanks to its lemon and mint component.

The calming effects are mainly due to lemon balm, chamomile and rose petals, because they help you to relax. In addition, the Ayurveda tea supports your nervous system and helps you to recharge your batteries.

The ingredients and their effects according to Ayurveda:

    Fennel (versatile effect for e.g. bronchial problems, stomach problems and colds)
    Lemon balm (slightly lemony note and calms the nervous system and helps with insomnia and restlessness)
    Peppermint (fresh aroma, antibacterial effect and relieves cold and gastroint