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Soothe the senses and take a break from your hectic, everyday life, rushing from appointment to appointment and come to your island of tranquility with ASMIs relaxation tea.


While you take a few sips of the tea with chamomile and rose petals, the herbs work their wonders: your breath becomes slower and deeper, your eyebrows and jaw relax.


The fresh taste of peppermint and lemon balm strengthens your nerves and wraps you in a warm embrace.


Now the world is spinning slower and take a few moments to focus on what matters most - your peace and quiet.


Let the world pass you by for a while as you come back to yourself.

Preparation: All ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation

Pour 200 ml of boiling water over 1.5 g of tea and leave to steep for 5 minutes.


Contains: 75 g (about 50 cups).

ASMI Relax Tea Kit


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