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Nurturing a deep sense of contentment, harmony and peace, Rose Quartz is the crystal of infinite, unconditional love.  

The Rose Quartz facial ritual has been curated to bring help bring a sense of comfort and reassurance to your daily skin care treatment.  

This abundant, ancient crystal has been a token of love and healing throughout history, resonating an aura of uplifting serenity to inspire self-confidence and open the heart to love on all levels


Crystal Insight


Rose quartz with a delicate blush of pink transcends time with its ancient symbolism of love, attraction and the heart. History references ancient Egyptian culture using the crystal to create soothing face masks for delicate, inflamed skin; Greek mythology tells of Aphrodite giving the pink hue to the crystal from a drop of her blood, China has long revered the cleansing, harmonising properties of Rose Quartz.

Connected to the heart chakra and triple burner, this nourishing stone can, like Jade, help clear energy and purify congested, blemish prone skin but moreover it can uplift and add luminosity to a tired complexion.


Treatment Benefits


Rose Quartz is a supremely versatile crystal, effective on normal combination and sensitive skin that may be prone to inflammatory breakouts.

Using this reassuring crystal as part of your daily facial care routine, will help refine skin texture and smooth fine lines.


Each Crystal Collection is presented in a silk lined box, inspired by the Chinese tradition to preserve and protect crystals.

The White Lotus Activated Crystal Face serum
The Double headed Rose Quartz Crystal Roller
The organic Green Tea Face Oil
The Rose Quartz Crystal Gua Sha
Full Instructions including video links on how to perform the crystal facial

This skin ritual is founded on ancient practices and decades of experience.  Ensure you follow the treatment guidelines to ensure optimal therapeutic benefit from the crystal application.

The unique and exclusive White Lotus Activated Crystal Face Serum contains authentic crystals for optimal potency, crafted to amplify the naturally occurring energy of the crystal to skin connection, creating an increase in microcirculation.

Using a complex of adaptogencic herbs to boost skin tone, this 100% organic Green Tea Facial Oil helps the Gua Sha smoothly glide across the contours of the complexion.


The White Lotus Promise:


“We bring the quiet of ancient beauty rituals to transform modern skin therapy.”

Founded on the wisdom and expertise of practicing acupuncturists, White Lotus brings over 20 years of knowledge, teaching and inspiration from the ancient beauty practices of the world.


Rose Quartz Crystal Facial


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