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The Black Tourmaline facial ritual has been designed to energise your daily skin care ritual and create a sense of connectedness.

Embodying positivity, Black Tourmaline is an ancient crystal that holds great power to ground your spirit, enabling the transformation of negative energy.


This magnetic crystal helps guard the body against negative pollution, helping neutralise the effects of both external toxins and internal disharmony that can cause imbalance.


Tourmaline Crystal Insight


Black Tourmaline possesses magnetic properties; it can become electrically charged with heat applied and draw particles to it. Historically it is believed Dutch sailors would use it to draw ash from their pipes while transporting the exotic crystal back to Europe.

This powerful grounding crystal is connected to the base chakra, the earth element and the digestive organs in Chinese Medicine, aiding detoxification of the system.


Tourmaline Facial Treatment Benefits


Black Tourmaline helps increase micro-circulation within the uppermost layers of the skin, encouraging vitality and renewal, producing a more radiant tone and lessening sluggishness that can lead to congestion.

This ancient crystal is most suited to benefit normal, oily and sensitive skin, used daily it can help disperse puffiness and boost elasticity, making it particularly appropriate for use around the eye.


The Tourmaline Crystal Facial contains -


Each Crystal Collection is presented in a silk lined box, inspired by the Chinese tradition to preserve and protect crystals.


This skin ritual is founded on ancient practices and decades of experience. 


Ensure you follow the treatment guidelines to ensure optimal therapeutic benefit from the crystal application.

The unique and exclusive White Lotus Activated Crystal Face Serum contains authentic crystals for optimal potency, crafted to amplify the naturally occurring energy of the crystal to skin connection, creating an increase in microcirculation.

Using a complex of adaptogencic herbs to boost skin tone, our 100% organic Green Tea Facial Oil helps the Gua Sha smoothly glide across the contours of the complexion.

Founded on the wisdom and expertise of practicing acupuncturists, White Lotus brings over 20 years of knowledge, teaching and inspiration from the ancient beauty practices of the world.

Tourmaline Crystal Facial


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