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The Crystal Gua Sha is a secret that belongs to the ancient world.

The White Lotus Gua Sha is designed to embrace each and every curve of the face very gently, in order to naturally enhance the circulation of blood, removing any sort of excess fluids.

If you consider the Tourmaline crystal, you would know that it carries the property of connecting users to the earth and grounding them.


Based on modern research, when Tourmaline is rubbed or heated, it becomes charged electrically. One end of this crystal gets charged positively, while the other end gets charged negatively.

In comparison to the Jade Crystal Gua Sha which primarily cools and tightens the skin, the Tourmaline crystal is significantly warmer and results in better circulation, bringing colour to the face.

According to scientific research, Gua Sha is capable of increasing the skin microcirculation by more than 400 percent.


The key benefits of the Tourmaline Crystal Gua Sha include:

  • A dramatic increase in microcirculation
  • An increase in the lymphatic drainage
  • Reduction in puffiness and swelling
  • Toning and lifting the skin
  • Reduction in loose and sagging skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Relaxation and grounding
  • Perfect for sensitive skins
  • No chemicals used

The Tourmaline Gua Sha by White Lotus has been hand carved with great care, without the use of any chemicals. This is because chemical treatment changes the crystal's nature while making it easier to carve. This is why many low-end companies make use of harsh chemicals. Such crystals should not be used, for obvious health risks.

After getting hand carved by experienced artisans, it gets stored in a beautiful box lined with top-notch silk. This is how the ancient Chinese used to store crystals.

Tourmaline Gua Sha


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